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France is just so cool

The future increased focus on sustainability and will shape the auto salvage industry. Autoparts24 is convinced that the future will see an increased focus on the recycling of all types of goods that are functional and can replace new items seamlessly. This focus will be both consumer-based and politically motivated. Also in the field of auto parts.

The definition of sustainability is that “sustainability creates the best possible conditions for people and the environment, both now and in the future.”

In France, significant progress has already been made regarding sustainability in the auto industry.

Since January 1, 2017, car mechanics have been under the obligation to offer repairs of privately owned cars and vans using second-hand parts. Every time.

Prospectively a car owner in France should be allowed to choose between using either cheap second-hand spare parts or new spare parts (which traditionally are much more expensive) to repair his car.

With this new legislation, the aim is to recycle the huge amount of operational second-hand spare parts from car breakers and thus protect the environment. The French law is not yet rooted in the EU legislation and is thus strictly a French matter. However, we are expecting the developments occurring in France regarding second-hand spare parts and auto salvage to be applied in all of Europe.

We are enthusiastic about France and the focused effort to recycle auto parts and we continue to work hard in order to provide our customers with a simple and secure access to the largest market place in Europe.

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